Engraved Ultra Crystal Wine Decanter by Riedel

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Just the right size. An engraved Ultra wine decanter from Riedel's Crystal is the ultimate gift for the wine enthusiast on any special occasion.
From its beginnings down to this day, over 250 years, Riedel Glass has stood for the high art of glass making. So much more than mere receptacles, Riedel decanters and glasses are imbued with the idiosyncrasies of the wine they are charged to accentuate, turning wine consumption into a graceful, prosaic experience.
Blown in the traditional way, Riedel decanters are the absolute pinnacle of their field. Each one is designed with presentation, elegance and class in mind, whilst ensuring the wine is given every chance to breathe and greet the drinker in the best possible condition. Riedel produced this decanter to aerate the most enigmatic of wines.

This lead crystal Ultra Wine Decanter has an elegant shape, a perfectly balanced base and fluted mouth allowing breathing room for wine aeration. The elongated neck and low, wide body of this Riedel decanter renders it perfect for allowing the sediments to settle, while it also exposes the wine to more oxygen, which opens up the bouquet, releases flavors and aromas and encourages full development. The wide base of the Riedel Ultra wine decanter is ideal for enhancing the aeration process before serving your precious reserves.
It holds comfortably in your hand for added confidence in pouring.
Crafted from full-lead crystal for clarity and brilliance. Mouth-blown in Austria by world-renowned glass makers.

This personalized Riedel Ultra Wine Decanter complements your entire Riedel stemware set.

Its size ideal for one bottle of wine. Washing by hand recommended. Elegant decanter; 8-3/8 inches high, 43-3/8 ounces at full capacity.

Riedel's classic Ultra Decanter is also available in a 70 oz size.

Combine with our personalized Riedel Bordeaux wine glasses to make the perfect decanter set