Engraved Crystal Ultra Magnum Wine Decanter Gift Set by Ravenscroft

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These pieces are the perfect fit. The Ravenscroft Crystal Ultra Magnum Decanter and Ravenscroft Bordeaux red wine glasses makes an ideal gift for you and any wine connoisseur.

Whether you’re looking for a monogrammed decanter that lets a wine breathe or just want one that will grace your table, you don’t have to settle for assembly-line style or quality.
Ravenscroft's lead-free decanters are produced from the purest crystal, ensuring that your vintage is free from impurities.
This unique and impressively designed Ultra Magnum wine decanter with personalized engraving is a beautiful piece on your own table or to give as a truly thoughtful gift.
The wide base of the wine decanter is ideal for enhancing the aeration process before serving your precious reserves. Its cutting edge design creates maximum breathing room for your wine that allows the wine to aerate and release flavors and aromas which enhance the attributes of your wine.
This lead-free crystal decanter features a nearly flawless finish, meticulously hand-crafted by European artisans for unsurpassed quality. Ideal for nearly any type of wine, this lovely decanter is also a handsome accessory for your bar.
It has an elegant shape, perfectly balanced base and fluted mouth. It holds comfortably in your hand for added confidence in pouring.
Magnum size ideal for one or two bottles. Dimensions: Stands 11" high on 9.5" diameter base. Capacity: 87 oz.

The engraved Bordeaux glasses from Ravenscroft are the ultimate gift for the wine enthusiast on any special occasion. Personalize these glasses to make your gathering festive and enhance the taste of that delicious red wine.
.These elegant and well balance glasses are designed to enhance the enjoyment of specific wines and grape varietals.
The wine glass allows the bouquet to fully develop and the wine continue to breathe and accentuate the experience. Recommended for Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and most red wines. Created for everyday use, this lead-crystal stemware ensures a perfectly balanced tasting experience.
Suitable for dishwasher. Set of 4 glasses