Dispenser Decanters

Dispenser Decanters
The Perfect Measure Liquor Dispenser Decanter is now available.

Available in a Buffet Liquor Bar Set or a single Liquor Decanter with six different liquor engraving options.

Store and pour your favorite spirits. 32-ounce, heavy glass decanters. Easy palm-action dispenser on each bottle measures a drop to 2 ounces. Choose from 2 different fonts as well as Nautical theme and Rustic Lodge theme sets.

Perfect for the Home Bar, Office, Pool area, Boat and RV.

Sets includes acrylic tray, 4 engraved or labeled decanters, 4 The Perfect Measure chrome dispensers and collars. Single Liquor dispenser decanter include engraved decanter, The Perfect Measure pump and chrome collar.